Employers Liability Insurance Excellent Coverage

Public liability insurance protects you if there’s a claim against you from one of your customers It’s not compulsory under UK Law like Employers Liability. However arranging the right cover can give you valuable peace of mind in case things go wrong. If you have employees then the law says you must hold Employer’s Liability Insurance. We can help you with a risk assessment of your working environment, helping you reduce the risk of potential claims and attracting lower premiums.

Whilst not compulsory by Law most customers insist upon Cover being in force before the work commences.

It protects the company's Legal Liability for injury to any person (other than an employee) and damage to someone else's property arising from the works.

It covers the contract period and for the contractors responsibility in the defects liability period and beyond.

The Limit of Indemnity is often specified by a client. Most Local Authorities insisting upon a minimum of £5 Million Public Liability.

The cost of insurance is based upon a number of factors. These include:

  • types of projects and tasks undertaken
  • the number of manual employees
  • manual wage roll of the business including payments to labour only and bona fide sub-contractors
  • the types of premises worked on
  • high risk locations - power stations, chemical works, etc.
  • the Limit of Indemnity selected (£1 Million, £2 Million, £5 Million or £10 Million)
  • claims experience

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