Fleet Motor Insurance Excellent Coverage

If you own 3 or more vehicles we advise you to think seriously about the benefits of a fleet policy. Instead of multiple policies with different cover and renewal dates why not consider a policy that covers all of your vehicles.

Policies provide the option for insuring a combination of vehicles can be more competitive than insuring drivers and vehicles on an individual basis. Call 0115 978 6363 for a quotation.

Using a network of Insurance companies, Bale Insurance can access a whole range of policies that provide excellent fleet cover for your vehicles.

Fleet insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles on one simple policy. Insurance cover for cars, vans, taxis, trucks, minibuses or Heavy Goods vehicles is readily available and can be tailored specifically to your fleet requirements.

If you have 3 or more vehicles, then you could take out fleet insurance and keep track of  all your fleet combined into one policy, which combines everything to make things like Insurance renewal much easier.

Fleet insurance policies are available to cover the following:

  • Three of more vehicles
  • Cars, Vans, Motorbikes
  • HGV, LGV or minibuses
  • Comprehensive or Third party cover
  • Any driver
  • Named Drivers
  • Easy to manage
  • Combined policies

Call us today and we’d be happy to discuss your fleet insurance requirements.